Corporate training events

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Whether bringing a group of people together to create a new team, ironing out the kinks in an established team to make it more effective, or attending one of our motivational Away Day events, the really big dream company can inject vitality and new ideas into the work arena.
Having fun together improves team spirit and motivation and we are happy to organise Away Days for your organisation that will do just this. Enjoy a treasure hunt, prepare a meal with a difference or learn to shoot with bow and arrow, we can arrange an entertaining day, half day or evening just for you.

Our bespoke team building events aim to take this a step further and incorporate the specific needs or your business. Working with you to assess what challenges your people face, we will design an event to target these areas. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Coaching: Coaching in the workplace is becoming more common as businesses, both large and small, realise the many benefits that coaching can bring to their organisations.

Benefits to the individual:
• Increased self awareness?
• Enhanced goal setting abilities?
• Better work/ life balance?
• Lower stress levels?
• Increased confidence

Benefits to the organisation:
• promotes organisational learning
• increases productivity
• enhances individual performance
• reduces underperformance?
• increases focus on organisational purpose

The non-directive coaching process acts as a catalyst for your people to explore their thought processes, their reactions, their behaviours and their options in a way that will positively impact their attitudes, feelings, motivations and choices. Coaching trusts that you and your people know your business more than anyone else and, as such, aims to help you become more aware of your requirements for growth and prosperity.

Executive Coaching: Working 1:1 with a coach will provide an independent sounding board to keep you on track.
In addition coaching focuses attention and efforts on a number of areas including:
• Determining goals, strategies, tactics and action plans ?
• Developing effective leadership and management techniques?
• Decision making capabilities
• People management skills
• Time management?
• Prioritisation?
• Project management
• Team building?
• Change management

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